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Vending Service FAQs

Researching to replace or upgrade vending machine services for your company can be frustrating. Ace Vending Services is happy to provide this FAQ for your interest in our full service vending.

Will it cost any money for vending service?
Ace Vending Services provides all vending machines and services for free. The machines are installed, stocked with products and serviced/maintained all at no cost to you.

What types of vending machines are available?  
A large variety of attractive, reliable machines are available.  See our Soda Machines, Snack Machines, and Food Vending Machines pages for more information.

How long does it take to install the vending machines?
Machines can be installed as quickly as the next business day!

What products do you have available in the vending machines?  
Ace Vending uses the best quality name brand products available, incuding Coke, Pepsi, Gatorade, as well as fresh food options.  Check out our Products page for more information.

Do you have healthy products for vending machines?  
We have a large variety of good for you snacks. See our Healthy Products page for more info.

How do you deal with repairs and service?  
All machines will be professionally maintained and serviced. Service calls will be handled promptly; most calls are repaired or resolved within sixty minutes.  ACE Vending service personnel are on call 24 hours a day.

What if someone loses money in the vending machine?  
Ace Vending Services will reimburse any money that is lost in the vending machine. 

What happens if I need to move my vending machine?   Sometimes vending machines may need to be moved. Not a problem give us a call 407-294-5552.

What are the electrical requirements for a soda machine?  
All of our vending machines run on the typical three prong outlet 110 volt. 

Do you sell vending machines, too?  
Yes! As we upgrade to newer machines we will have used vending equipment for sale. Check out our Machines For Sale page.

What if I have a question that is not in the FAQ?  
If you need more information call us at 407-294-5552.



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